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Rebecca Price-Wood, NHCM, LM, CPM


"I have been a midwife at the births of over 300 mama-baby pairs. It seems unfathomable to me that this could be true, because this means I have known, cared for, learned from, and have been shaped by these six hundred... and hundreds more family members.

Here are some things I have learned about life and birth in my over ten years as a midwife and student midwife:

  • Women, seemingly always in service to others, have endless abilities when others are in service to them.

  • Babies are smart and I’ve been amazed ever since I was trained to listen.

  • Given all the information, women in my practice always make the best decisions for their families.

  • When the laboring partner is supported, a kind of trust is possible which creates a brand new, luscious family dynamic.

  • Birth is awesome, but rarely baffling. Prenatal care optimally managed by the client and midwife is the most control a person can have over their own birth.

  • I am one of the most fortunate people I know.

Postpartum care has comprised a large part of my continuing education. I have published works on the value of familial relationships as they inform postpartum psychological well-being, and I have also written works about the Maternal Mediation Hypothesis (how early maternal care and touch can have lifelong effects on the offspring’s nervous system.) Other research interests are prenatal epigenetics, effects of vitamin D deficiency in mothers and babies, and ketogenic diet during pregnancy.


I hold bachelor’s degrees in both Interpersonal Communications and Biology. I have two teenaged daughters, Elizabeth, whose birth awoke me to the crisis of gender inequality in obstetric care, and Lucy, whose home birth revealed to me the calling of midwifery. I also am the mother of two young sons, Ezra and Baxter, who were both also born at home into the hands of midwives. My husband is a professor of literature and French, and occasionally teaches childbirth classes with me. We all live in Chester, Vermont"


Bethany Witten, NHCM, LM, CPM


Bethany is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), New Hampshire Certified Midwife (NHCM), and Vermont Licensed Midwife (LM) who was born and raised in southern Ontario, Canada and lives in a tiny house in Alstead, NH. She began her training by volunteering as a doula in Ontario and spending time as an intern at a busy birth center in El Paso TX. She then enrolled at Birthwise Midwifery School in Maine to complete her formal training and apprenticed to many rural home and birth center midwives there. She then finished her clinical rotations at the Birth Cottage of Milford, in New Hampshire. She earned her NH license in January of 2015 and has been serving birthing families in this state ever since.


Bethany’s primary goal as a midwife is to provide families with everything they need to make confident decisions and feel respected and cared for in their experience of pregnancy, birth and parenting a newborn.


When not in the office or at a birth, Bethany can be found knitting, brewing herbal salves and remedies, growing organic vegetables, hiking mountains, and caring for her small flock of ducks and her two young children.


Heather Hilton CPM, LM

Heather is a licensed midwife in the state of Texas working towards certifying in the Twin States. She owned and worked in a birth center just north of Austin where she connected with Becca many years ago. When she relocated to New Hampshire she took a pause to certify here and Sacred Transitions excitedly welcomed her to the team.

"I believe that when a woman is given space to labor and birth in her own time, in her own surroundings, and supported by those around her, birth can proceed in a safer and more efficient way."

Heather is a mother not just to her human children, but also to piglets and chicks!

She has fully embraced the New England adventure with her gardening, sour dough baking, and cozying up by the fire for some knitting. 


Allyson Logan

Allyson is our current student midwife and future CPM. She is nearly done with her training and will be remaining part of the Sacred Transitions team. Allyson attended MCU and was a LNA for 10 years. She is a mother to three and is happily married to her super supportive husband. Her husband is a nurse! They reside in Langdon, NH.

Allyson is a also a dog mom! As a family they enjoy time outdoors with their chickens and ducks. 


Tonia Bowman, APRN, CNM, PMHNP-BC    

 Since 1995, Toni has been inspired to provide care and support for women throughout their childbearing years. She began her midwifery studies as an apprentice with direct-entry midwives both locally, and in Pennsylvania’s Amish and Mennonite communities. In 2001, after completing her nursing degree, she began working as a maternal child health nurse in the hospital and for various community agencies, providing prenatal and postpartum support for mothers and babies, as well as childbirth education. In 2008, following the birth of her third child she became involved with the Monadnock Birth Center, as both a childbirth educator and assistant to Mary Lawlor, CPM. In March of 2017 she completed her master’s degree in nursing from Frontier Nursing University as a certified nurse-midwife and returned to the Monadnock Birth Center to provide women’s health and maternity care.

Shortly after completing her midwifery program, she recognized that the need for mental health providers was great and so she returned to school to complete additional training as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. As a dually certified Advanced Practice Registered Nurse she recognizes the symbiotic relationship between women’s mental and physical health, and how even subtle breakdowns in either system can compromise well-being. As a provider who embraces a holistic approach to healing, Toni is able to assess, diagnose and treat women in all stages of life from the childbearing years through menopause with a variety of mental health concerns. Her multifaceted approach includes nutrition, lifestyle and behavioral change, psychotherapy and psychopharmacological management when appropriate.