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Rebecca Price-Wood, CPM, LM, NHCM

certified NARM preceptor

Here are some things I have learned about life and birth in the past 16 years as a midwife and student midwife:

  • Women, seemingly always in service to others, have endless abilities when others are in service to them.

  • Babies are smart and I’ve been amazed ever since I was trained to listen.

  • Given all the information, women in my practice always make the best decisions for their families.

  • When the labor partner is supported, a kind of trust is possible which creates a brand new, luscious family dynamic.

  • Birth is awesome, but rarely baffling. Prenatal care that is optimally managed by the client and midwife is the most control a person can have over their own birth.

  • Being a midwife is a kind of professional loving.


Postpartum care has comprised a large part of my continuing education. I have published works on the value of familial relationships as they inform postpartum psychological well-being, and I have also written works about the Maternal Mediation Hypothesis (how early maternal care and touch can have lifelong effects on the offspring’s nervous system.) Other research interests are prenatal epigenetics, effects of vitamin D deficiency in mothers and babies, and postpartum PTSD.


I hold bachelor’s degrees in both Interpersonal Communications and Biology. I have four children: Elizabeth, whose birth awoke me to the crisis of gender inequality in obstetric care, and who allowed me the honor of standing by her side when she gave birth to her own daughter, Lucy, whose home birth revealed to me the calling of midwifery, Ezra, who introduced me to the word of rare diseases, and Baxter, who taught me to calculate due dates carefully!

My husband, Dafydd, and I are holding it all together and living the dream in Chester, Vermont.


Allyson Logan CPM, LM

Allyson attended MCU and was a LNA for 12 years, working with children with disabilities. Allyson has given birth in a hospital, a birth center, and welcomed her third baby at home with the Sacred Transitions team. She resides in Langdon, NH with her husband and children.

"I am becoming a midwife because I strongly believe that how a baby is born is important to creating a healthy and happy family."


Amber Hawkinson

Amber has worked as a doula, herbalist, and placenta encapsulator in New Hampshire for thirteen years. In that time she has felt strongly called to explore as many paths and methods of supporting her clients as possible. This has lead her to extend her offerings into Reiki, Shiatsu, herbal support, classes, Red Tents, and intuitive offerings. She will be bringing this experience to Sacred Transitions and the Monadnock Birth Center to join us in providing an even deeper level of care and support to our clients and the community. 

Amber had an attempted home birth with her daughter, which showed her the importance of continual and empathetic prenatal, birthing, and postpartum support. She delivered her son in a birth center, and three years later birthed a sweet surrogate baby for another family in the very same room.

"I believe that every birth is an invaluable opportunity to find healing and empowerment as you encounter the magnitude of your own strength, while trusting in your body and inner wisdom.A doula's role is not to empower those she serves, because that power can only come from within, but rather to give them the tools and support they need to find their own innate fortitude."

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