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Interview with Ladybird Lactation

If you have needed breastfeeding support while working with Sacred Transitions Midwifery, it is likely you have been referred to Devon, of Ladybird Lactation. She is also kind enough to join many of our childbirth education classes to go over some basic breastfeeding information with expectant families. Devon is an incredible lactation consultant, located in Vermont. We were delighted to get the chance to interview her! Scroll to the bottom of this post for contact information. Could you tell us a bit about yourself? I am a mum of 3 beautiful Earthside children, ages 1,3, and 5! I primarily do lactation support, but also do some birth, postpartum, and photography work as life allows for it. I have two dogs, a cat, and two bunnies. I dream of the day when I will have a completely self sufficient homestead, and be a traveling birth and postpartum worker! I spend my free time hiking, allergy friendly and refined sugar free baking, making music or dancing. What brought you to this work, and how long have you been practicing? When I was pregnant with my oldest in 2015/2016, upon a breast inspection mid pregnancy (a norm in their care), I was told that I would likely really struggle with breastfeeding due to anatomical differences, and for the fact that I was considered a young mom “at risk” for breastfeeding success. I was told they would TRY to help, but that I needed to buy formula to have on hand. I was truly devastated when they told me this- I had been set on breastfeeding my children for as long as I could remember. This motivated me to do everything in my power to be as successful as possible. I never bought that formula, and he did not have anything but my breast for the whole 5 years that he nursed. The hospital team was very surprised when we hit 6 weeks of EBF-ing (exclusively breastfeeding). If only they could see me now! This sparked my desire to support others who may be told they won’t achieve a successful breastfeeding relationship. I was asked to admin the NH breastfeeding support page on Facebook, and then shortly after was asked to help from my local (then VT) WIC office. I did not have any credentials, but they really saw my passion and knowledge and asked me to come and help some of their pregnant moms with breastfeeding education. I continued helping at the WIC office until I became pregnant with my second in 2017. I continued to admin for the NH page but stepped out of all other support avenues until I was pregnant with my third in 2018/2019 and decided to finally begin some forms of certification! I’ve continued working towards that certification in the last year. What is unique about your approach/practice? I think one of the most unique aspects to the way I practice is that I can think so outside of the box, and not be too clinical in my approach. Every family/dyad is so different in their goals, problems, etc- I need to be understanding and flexible in the ways I work with them. What is your philosophy when working with your clients? I have a strong beliefs in autonomy, consent, mindfulness, and inclusivity! Is there any advice you wish you could give to everyone who is planning to breastfeed? I wish to teach every expectant family that intends to breastfeed to give themselves grace, seek support if you have pain (pain is not normal- breastfeeding should not be painful), and that even though breastfeeding is natural, it doesn’t always come naturally to parent or baby. What are your favorite tips or tricks to teach expectant parents? Hunger cues are definitely one of my favorite things you teach. A lot of expectant parents think that crying is the sign of hunger- this is not the case!! What are some of the most common reasons people come to see you? The most common reasons I see clients is poor weight gain, low supply, and nipple pain.

Devon Elizabeth Devon is currently offering - Group classes - One on one classes - Consults (office, home, virtual) - Back to work consult Contact Info: 603.748.8640

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