My Approach


Our Mission

Giving birth is a pivotal life process that offers you and your family the opportunity for great joy, personal growth and change. Such an important journey deserves the personal care, attention and company of a midwife.

At Sacred Transitions our mission is to provide every family the unique opportunity to partner with our midwives for achieving their desired birth experience. Our midwives provide you with the highest-quality of personal, individualized care, that allows you to give birth in a way that reflects your values, choices and desires for yourself, your baby and your family.

Our Beliefs

The care you experience with our midwives during your pregnancy, labor and birth is designed to reflect a set of core beliefs about the nature of birth and why your birth experience matters. As midwives we have witnessed over and over again that if pregnancy and birth are supported and allowed to unfold as nature intended - without pressure or interference - birth can be a safe, joyous, and empowering experience. This knowledge, gained over many decades of caring for women and families like yours, deeply informs our philosophy of care, how our facility is designed and the services we offer to you.

At Sacred Transitions we offer you and your family care, support and information during your pregnancy and birth that will deepen your belief in the personal power you possess to give birth and to parent your child. Giving birth is a pivotal life-changing experience that offers you and your family the opportunity for great joy and personal growth. We invite you to take your journey with us, and experience the personal care, attention.

Take a Tour

Our beautiful offices in Bellows Falls, VT and free-standing birth center in Swanzey, NH offer you the unique opportunity to partner with our midwives to achieve your desired birth experience. Our Midwives know how to make sure that your safety and good health are attended to, while listening to what it is that you want from your birth experience. They want to know what your dreams are for this special time in your life. We are here to listen, guide, support and care for you. Together we can help you to have the birth you want – for yourself, your baby and your family.

You are the focal point of our care.

If the following are important to you throughout your pregnancy and delivery, we encourage you to choose Sacred Transitions Midwifery for your care:

  • Feeling supported and cared for

  • Staying in control of your care

  • Having what you want for yourself and your baby will be respected

  • Receiving real information to allow you to make good choices for yourself and your baby

  • Building a relationship with your midwife

  • Not feeling rushed or unimportant

  • Allowing time to answering all your questions

  • Knowing who will care for you during labor and delivery, rather than relying on luck of the draw